Displaceable floor trowel

In 2013, the very first mechanical leveling trowel was developed and perfected. Subsequently, it has been patented in several countries, including the United States, Canada and the Gulf States (Patent: US 9,957,726 B2 -GCC 94553- CA 2,875,259).


Applies glue and levels up to 3/4" in one step for the following surfaces:

  • First layer 'scratch' to skim the surface before application (as per photo on left)
  • Thin layer for a leveled floor (no guide)                                                   
  • The medium layer to level a floor with up to 3/8" of glue (with guide)
  • The thick layer level the floor with up to 3/4" of glue (with guide + extension)                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Applies the required amount of glue for each tile in a straight and even fashion.
  • Handle that tilts and swivels.
  • The small blade in front, which makes the scratch, pivots to neutralize or put it away
  • The curved shape of the wall behind the trowel exerts a strong pressure towards the ground
  • The large blade behind the wall pivots up and down, and is connected to ...
  • A small axis on the wheels follows the height of the adjacent row
  • A large axle on the wheels is attached with the small axle to level the opposite side
  • Contains 6 springs. Two springs between the trowel and the sleeve to stabilize them. Two others exert a pressure on the blade to the ground or to the small axis on the wheel and the last two go on pivoting elements of the blade to keep them level.
  • Equipped with a swivel handle (both sides) and tilts to improve the body's position during application
  • Easy to clean (simply with water and a sponge): the mechanism is on the back of the trowel and is protected by a cover.
  • Easy to store: folds on itself. (By swiveling the scratch blade)
  • Equipped with an adjustable guide for the non-standard format
  • Can be used standing or on your knees
  • The trowel can be used in whole or in part depending on the size of the project or the type of work required. 
  • The total weight of the trowel with its accessories is 12.2 kg
  • For use in fragments the weight is much lighter (eg to make just a thin layer on the knees peas and 4.5 kg)
  • Size of tiles used for installation:
    - All sizes with a width of 60 cm and less.
    - All thicknesses of 2 cm and less
  • Types of installation work:
    - Small and large floors
    - Mural with a double glue on the back of the tiles
  • Maintenance and storage mechanism